Tom Woods was a photographer for the Daily Bugle who got his job sometime after a guy named Eddie Brock, who
had his job before him, disappeared.  He had heard rumors that Brock was possessed by an alien symbiote and fought with Spider-Man but he denied it.  He was more of a logical, reality kind of a guy and believed that what Spider-Man did was all cheap tricks any acrobat or magician could do. 

As he was walking home from work, he came across an old house that looked deserted.  The mailbox said "Brock" and the windows were smashed, the doors were locked.  He thought he saw something move in the house, a black shadow.  He then began to feel that it was something out of the ordinary....for once in his life, Tom believed that the supernatural could happen.  Intrigued by what he saw, he decided to sneak through one of the broken windows while no-one was looking (in case someone thought he was robbing the house). 

By coincidence, Tom found a flashlight on the floor inside the dark house.  He picked up the flashlight and turned it on, it actually worked.  He creeped slowly into the rooms of the house, he examined them and found nothing, just a bunch of old furniture and clothes.  He thought he might be able to find whatever the black shadow was, if it was a ghost or something.

With an uneasy feeling, Tom went into the basement of the house but his flashlight ran out of power and he was left alone in the pitch black house.  He heard hissing like a snake and he began to feel scared and nervous, he stepped backwards on the stairs and felt a slimy liquid drip on his windbreaker.  "Hello?," he said.  "Is-is anybody home?"

Nervously, Tom looked at the ceiling and saw what was causing the dripping.  A patch of black slime was stuck to the ceiling and all of a sudden it grew a mouth with a forked tongue and sharp fangs.  ", host....", the creature murmured.  The creature detached itself from the ceiling and dropped on Tom, he began to

What Tom saw when he looked in the mirror.

scream in fear as the creature engulfed his body in black slime.  Soon he couldn't breath, the slime was stuck to his face and everything he saw was pitch black.  He lost consciousness and his vision went black.....

When he woke up he heard the creature talking to said "Host, yes, host!  We are one now!  We are Venom!"

Tom looked at his reflection in a broken mirror, his vision somehow enhanced.  He was shocked at what he saw in the mirror, he looked exactly like the creature....

"What am I?" Tom said, "What has happened?  I feel.....stronger....I feel good..."

Never again would Tom be normal again and never again would he only believe in reality....