After playing in the arcade for over 2 hours, Donald was tired. When he got home, he jumped right into bed.  He felt hot, but it was of no concern. After all, he just got the new high score on pacman. He slept for a while. When he woke up, his eyes were blurry. He walked around, then tripped and fell on his desk. That was odd, he thought. He was sure he didnt see that desk there.  Then he realized something was missing. His action figures that were on his desk were gone. Instead all he saw were pacman figures, which he never had before. He rubbed his eyes, and then the figures were back to normal. 

765 - Tripping Pac Man - Pattern
A couple of days later, Donald went to work, as his vacation had ended.(It was thannksgiving break)He worked at a Movie theater.Right as he settled down, a tall man and a young boy approached him.

"Two tickets to Wreck it Ralph, please."

"That will be $16. Anything to eat or drink?" Donald said.

"No, thank you." 

"Ok. It's right that way."

Donald noticed that the backback that the young boy was carrying was a pacman backpack, and the shirt that the tall man was wearing had a pacman ghost on it.

"Hey, nice shirt! Nice backpack, too!" Donald said.

"Oh, thanks..."the tall man said."I guess you like plain blue."

The next day, Donald went to work again. On his way to work, he saw a group of Pacman cosplayers.

"Nice costumes!"he said.

"Um, are you saying our faces are ugly? Huh? HUH?"one of them replied.

"No, never mind. For some reason I thought you were wearing costumes."

"Oh yeah? What kind of costumes?"

"Ummmmmm... Pacman costumes."


Donald was beaten up.

Donald didn't go to work the next day. Or the day after that. He felt a lot warmer lately, so it wasn't a "lie" that he was sick. But he didn't want the same mistake to happen again. He got slapped by an old lady with a bag the previous day because he thought she was a "ghost." After a week, he was feeling more sure of himself, so he decided to go back to work. He didn't even want to see a single person, so he put tinted windows on his car and looked straight ahead. Luckily, it worked, but when he got to work, it was unavoidable. A red ghost came up to him.

"Hi Donald!" it said.

A pink ghost walked up to him.

"Where you been?"the pink one said.

"How sick were you?"said an orange one.

"Are you okay now?"said Pacman.

"NO! NO! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!!!"said Donald.

"What's wrong, Donald?"

"Ummm...are you okay dude?"

"You might want to see a doctor."


Every person around him now was either a ghost or Pacman. Small dots began to cloud his vision.


He couldn't see anything now, except a black field with blue lines filled with ghosts and Pacmen. He then collapsed on the floor.

"Donald? Donald, wake up."

Someone was talking to him. The voice sounded soothing and comfortable.

"Donald, it's going to be okay now."

Donald turned around and saw a red ghost.