Jonathan Michaels Lewis finally got a job at WWW.COM. It was a well paying job, not too low, but not too high either. He was satisfied. It was a place where he could walk to from his house. He walked straight to Grenade Street, then turned right on Howard Street, then walked straight on Welsch Street. He was confused. Very confused. He was at Darr Street, RIGHT WHERE HE STARTED! He did the same thing he did before, and this time Darr Street wasn't there.

Phew, he thought, must have been a hallucination.

But it wasn't a hallucination. When he looked up on the sign, it wasn't Darr Street. But it wasn't the street he was supposed to go either, Smokey Street. It was Grenade Street. The street he thought he already passed. Then he walked straight to get to Welsch Street, but turned out on Darr Street. He tried to spin things up a little bit by walking to the right. It worked, and he did end up on Smokey Street, but his building wasn't there. The company building for WWW.COM was replaced... with his house.